1 Day to go


It feels just like Christmas, just 1 more sleep until our first game of the season & i for 1 am very excited & nervous leading up to it.
Leading up to tomorrows game & including it we have struggled with numbers due to the fact that some boys are having the time of their lives in Italy on a school trip but will be back for our 2nd game (Rd3) after the Easter break & some boys that just got back from central Australia on a school trip.
As it stands now for tomorrows game we have 14 boys available & Vermont (our opponent) has offered to loan us 4 boys to fill our team for this match.
As of Rd3 (our 2nd Game) we will have 6 boys back from Holidays/Camps which will fill our team.

Please feel free to call or email me if you have any questions regarding our team.

Shane Ryan
0423 656 852